Announcement of r4d Final Events Series 2021-2022

The r4d programme announces the launch of its final event series to take place in 2021 and 2022. A series of decentralised events shall allow those who are geographically close and sufficiently "safe" to meet in smaller groups and with specific target audiences. Changes at short notice - also due to the COVID-19 pandemic - are always possible. Stay tuned!

​​To increase the recognition of research results and the impact of the r4d programme a series of final events addressing different stakeholder groups and audiences with specific targeted content will take place in 2021 and 2022. Instead of holding a single final event in one place, we organise events for engaging with specific stakeholder groups and informing different audiences in several countries and online/offline spaces and places.

The r4d final events series includes module level events and programme level events. In some cases, knowledge bits will travel in the form of e.g. videoblogs, statements or symbols from one event to a next event.

We will regularly update this news page and the events calendar, so please return regularly.

Upcoming r4d final events:

More events are planned, e.g. r4d Science Fairs Latin America, South-East Asia, Switzerland, r4d Lunches, r4d parliamentarian and administration visits etc.