r4d Science Fair West Africa 2021 / Foire Scientifique Afrique de l'Ouest 2021

The r4d Science Fair West Africa creates awareness and enables learning about evidence-based solutions to address global challenges and their take-up potential in development projects, business activities or civil society initiatives. It will take place in Bopa, Benin, on 29 and 30 September 2021.

r4d Science Fair West Africa, 29-30 Sept 2021

Announcement r4d Science Fair West Africa and registration for r4d researchers

Because of the coronavirus pandemic that hit the world in 2020, the r4d programme decided to implement a series of decentralised events in 2021 and 2022, allowing those who are geographically close and sufficiently "safe" to meet in smaller groups and with specific target audiences. Changes at short notice - also due to the pandemic - are always possible.


A total of 22 r4d research projects have been carried out in 9 countries of West Africa from 2014-2021 and follow-up initiatives are ongoing. Representatives of these r4d projects are invited to the r4d Science Fair West Africa to present their findings in a "research market place". "Market stands" enable direct presentations of concrete technologies, nuanced findings, interventions etc. using demonstration material in the form of posters, presentation slides, video-clips, policy briefs, publications, handouts etc.

In addition to the market place, the r4d Science Fair West Africa offers keynotes and film screenings of the research documentaries emerging from cross-project synthesis activities (i.e. "La veine verte – La renaissance agroécologique de l'Afrique d'Ouest", "Inequality and Conflict – Beyond us and them").


The r4d Science Fair West Africa brings together researchers, development practitioners, national and international NGOs and other groups interested in research results and evidence-based solutions. It creates sticky dialogues and enables networking at the interfaces between science, practice, policy, business and civil society.

The main languages of the r4d Science Fair West Africa are French and English.


Please register until 26.7.2021 here:

Please note that places are limited. We calculate with the participation of one representative per r4d project per partner country.

Flyer pour représentants-es des projets r4d dans la région  (français) / Flyer for r4d project representatives in the region (English)



Please register until 30.8.2021 here: limited.

Flyer pour les acteurs concernés dans la région (français) / Flyer for stakeholders in the region (English)



29.09.2021 08:00


30.09.2021 23:00


Bopa, Benin

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29-30 September 2021

Registration for r4d researchers: 26 July 2021

Registration for stakeholders: 30 August 2021


Prof. Dr. Guy Apollinaire Mensah Institut National des Recherches Agricoles du Bénin (INRAB) Cotonou Benin (00229) 95229550

Dr. Charles Bertrand Pomalegni Institut National des Recherches Agricoles du Bénin (INRAB) Cotonou Benin (00229) 96966262

Dr. Sedjro Gilles Armel Nago Université de Parakou Parakou Benin (00229) 95054416

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Dr. Claudia Zingerli Swiss National Science Foundation Wildhainweg 3 CH-3001 Bern +41 31 308 2174


Jacqueline Hänni Swiss National Science Foundation Wildhainweg 3 CH-3001 Berne +41 31 308 2353