r4d programme synthesis information now available

The r4d programme runs a number of programme synthesis processes until 2021. Key information and further links to the various exciting workstreams are now online.

Synthesis in the r4d programme aims at 1) maximising the impact of the results of the research programme and 2) contributing to global debates with a focus on the reduction of poverty and global risks.

Synthesis in the r4d programme is conceptualised as contextualisation and integration of findings and experiences beyond individual r4d projects and is structured as a participative and collaborative processes.

The r4d programme synthesis has a budget of CHF 1.9 million allocated to the following four workstreams:

  • Digital Storytellers, a tangible experience on contributions of r4d projects to Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) - ONGOING
  • Utilisation of research knowledge for sustainability tranformations - ONGOING
  • Learnings from research dealing with the complexity of global issues - IN PREPARATION
  • Research partnerships as transformative instrument - CALL CLOSED

More information and links are accessible on the r4d programme synthesis webpage External Link Icon.