11 new r4d projects selected in the third Thematically Open Call

r4d research network Open Call 3

The r4d programme grows by 11 new projects. The Review Panel of the thematically open research module met in April 2018 and its evaluation and decision were ratified by the Specialised Committee International Collaboration and by the SNSF’s Presiding Board.

​The r4d programme is pleased to announce the addition of 11 new research partnership projects between Switzerland and 18 countries from Asia, Africa and Latin America. The selected projects are carried out by 55 research partners (principal investigators) and their research teams.

The third Thematically Open Call of the r4d programme originally resulted in 94 evaluated pre-proposals of which 24 were invited to submit a full proposal. They competed for an available budget of CHF 6.4 million in the third Thematically Open Call. All full proposals were peer-reviewed and evaluated by the Review Panel in April 2018. The funded projects emerge from the different science domains as follows: 37% Social Sciences and Humanities, 27% Mathematics, Natural and Engineering Sciences, 36% Biology and Medicine. The gender distribution of the Swiss main applicants of the funded projects is 27% female and 73% male. The share of Universities of Applied Sciences for the funded projects is 27%, while the Cantonal Universities have a share of 46%, the Swiss Federal Institutes of Technology have a share of 9% and other research institutes a share of 18%.

Titles of the funded projects:

  • Adapting and strengthening educational guidance and career counseling to promote decent work in two West African countries: Burkina Faso and Togo
  • Advancing Cervical Cancer Screening in HIV-positive women (ACCHIVe) – The Cervical Cancer Prevention and Care Cascade
  • Challenges of municipal solid waste management: Learning from post-crisis governance initiatives in South Asia
  • Development of a geoscientific framework for geothermal exploration and energy utilization in Mongolia
  • Influence of different pest management systems in potato production on PEsticide REsidues in CUban SOils (PERECUSO)
  • Intercultural transdisciplinarity in Guatemala and Peru: A North-South-South learning platform for culturally pertinent public health provision systems for indigenous populations
  • Kick it like a Girl! Young Women Push Themselves Through Football in the African Public Space.
  • Mountain biodiversity and the Sustainable Development Goals: knowledge for synergistic action
  • PINOY Tannin
  • Preservation of Central Asian fruit tree forest ecosystems, pome fruit varieties and germplasm from the recent epidemics caused by the invasive bacterial pathogen Erwinia amylovora (fire blight)
  • Re-cycling of biomass nutrients and carbon for advanced organic fertilization in an eco-smart and climate positive agriculture on Cuba (Bio-C)

Detailed information of all projects is regularly updated on the Thematically Open Research module External Link Iconpage.