Redesign of r4d programme website

picture r4d programme website

The redesigned website presents the r4d programme in its current stage and provides insights into the still rapidly growing research community working in transnational research partnership projects.

​The design of the new r4d programme website features more images and better overviews of projects, events and publications. Thanks to a user-friendly, flat navigation structure, interested readers can find their way around with ease. The content of the redesigned r4d programme website has been updated and optimised. The r4d programme website provides links to the r4d project websites, hosted by the research consortia, and outputs and publication overviews in the SNSF research database P3 (P3= Projects, People, Publications).

The r4d programme website allows to report timely, supported by visuals and multimedia, about the rapidly growing network of r4d programme researchers, the r4d programme activities and the various processes going on at project, module and programme level. ​The content of the r4d programme website will be gradually expanded.

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