Seven new articles about initiatives awarded with r4d Transformation Accelerating Grants

In 2020, the r4d programme funded seven initiatives to enable the implementation of research findings. Transformation accelerating grants (TAGs) aim to accelerate a change towards sustainable development and to reduce poverty in countries of Africa, Asia and Latin America.

​​​​In its second for r4d Transformation Accelerating Grants the r4d programme funded the implementation of seven transformative initiatives. Mixed teams in Ghana, Madagascar , Kyrgyzstan, Togo and Burkina Faso, Nigeria, Bolivia and Colombia, India, Nepal and Sri Lanka as well as Switzerland have been working on pilot testing, upscaling and outreach.

A new series of seven overview articles authored by Anita Makri, a London based writer and editor, is now available. These and many more articles and posts are also published on External Link Icon, illustrating how r4d research contributes to sustainable development.

New TAG articles for download:

​​Ventures for richer soil: Turning organic leftovers into compost in Ghana​​

Farmers struggling with depleted land tap techniques to make quality fertiliser from oil palm and cocoa remnants, transforming them into a precious resource.​

A drop of vanilla: Finding a way out of Madagascar’s ‘triple crisis’

​Farmers trading in the popular spice rely on forest just as much. Can dialogue centred on the vanilla market bring a solution that preserves both forest and livelihoods?​

An app for apples: Safeguarding ancient fruit forests in Central Asia ​

​Citizen science and early testing could save the world’s cradle of pome trees from fire blight, preserving livelihoods and vital genetic diversity.

Set up to succeed: Training to access decent work in West Af​​​​​rica​

​Good jobs don’t come easy in Togo and Burkina Faso. Given the right support, counsellors could guide young entrepreneurs on to a brighter career path.​

​Food Academy: Testing sustainability in the system for small farms

​A virtual training teaches how to spot food-system bottlenecks that keepsmallholders on the losing side of agriculture in Africa and Latin America.

​Material for life: Writing an autobiography of waste in South Asia 

Cities in the region struggle with mismanaged waste. Can they learn from past crises to build a circular economy and give discarded material new value?​

​seventh TAG overview article forthcoming

​Export-ready: Helping Ghana's small firms to trade across borders

Africa's free-trade area is a chance for businesses to break into new markets. A project is setting out to supply the missing link: access to strategic knowledge.​