Call for Transformation Accelerating Grants

Researchers entering a door to visit a company in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

The r4d programme launches the Call for “Transformation accelerating grants (TAGs)” that allow teams of r4d researchers and non-academic stakeholders (e.g. policy makers, the private sector, development practitioners) to make use of the knowledge, tools and technologies developed within r4d projects through translation and implementation initiatives.

Transformation accelerating grants (TAGs) focus on co-creation,
social learning, technology transfer and transformative actions with the
ultimate aim to accelerate transformation towards sustainable development and
reduce poverty in countries of Africa, Asia and Latin America.

TAGs shall test, validate, accelerate or facilitate the
uptake and utilisation of research findings from an r4d project on a local or
national scale in r4d partner countries or on an international scale.
A TAG budget can be up to CHF 100’000 to be used
over a period of maximal 12 months.

Only teams composed of one main applicant and at least one project partner are eligible to apply for a Transformation accelerating grant (TAG).

  • The main applicant is a researcher based at a Swiss research institution who is/was involved in the respective r4d project as PI or Co-PI.
  • At least one project partner is a non-academic person (i.e. working at a government agency, a NGO, a think tank, or in the private sector) and provides substantial conceptual as well as practical input for the implementation of the project in the respective country.
  • In principle, at least one project partner must be based at an institution in the global South (i.e. in a partner country of the r4d programme). Exceptions are possible and have to be justified.
  • Further non-academic and academic project partners from any r4d partner country (including Switzerland) can be part of the applying team.

A total budget of CHF 1.4 million is available for TAGs. The first call for TAGs is published on 12 July 2019. One more call will be launched in 2020. For each call approximately CHF 700’000 are foreseen.

Deadline for submission of proposals in the first TAG Call:

18 October 2019, 17.00 (CET)

TAG proposals have to be submitted via the online submission
platform mySNF.

The Call document for Transformation accelerating grants can be downloaded here (PDF).

For finding r4d projects in partner countries please use our r4d interactive map External Link Icon: