Articles on Transformation Accelerating Grants initiatives

In 2019, the r4d programme funded six initiatives to enable the implementation of research findings. Transformation accelerating grants (TAGs) aim to accelerate a change towards sustainable development and to reduce poverty in countries of Africa, Asia and Latin America.

​​​​In close collaboration with local implementing partners researchers set up saving groups in Rwanda, build a production unit for constructing cocoboards in the Philippines, bring together stakeholders for a shared vision on land management in Madagascar and promote the use of an online platform for informed dialogues about development effects of resource extraction in producer countries.

Read more about the engaged people and their ideas and approaches in a series of articles authored by Anita Makri, a London based writer and editor who accompanies several TAG initiatives during the next months. Her work is published on, along with many other posts on how r4d research contributes to sustainable development.

TAG articles for download:

Banking on savings: Women get bargaining power in rural Rwanda

Casual workers are losing out from the country's shift to commercial farming. Collective bank accounts could be a way out of the 'poverty trap'.

Homes made of coconut: Building sustainably in the Philippines

Salvaged husks are being fashioned into construction material – designed in Switzerland, made in the Philippines, supporting local farmers.

Mining dialogues: Designing a tool for healthy conflict in Africa

The business of extracting prized minerals comes with thorny negotiations. Researchers are about to put impartial evidence on the table to tackle mistrust.

Conservation vs. farming: A shared vision for land in Madagascar

Farmers on the island nation face conflicting demands often shaped by global forces. Can they work through discord and reimagine a future for their land?

Rooting out invaders: A strategy against exotic trees in East Africa

A 'selfish' species is gobbling up pastoral land in Kenya, stirring up trouble. Ecologists and local tribes are testing a plan to stop the invasion on its tracks.

A better life off the land: Villagers join forces in Myanmar

As forest and farmland dwindle, a project bets on collective action to get smallholders on a path to intensify agriculture sustainably.