Appointment of r4d programme synthesis coordinator

Carmenza Robledo

Dr. Carmenza Robledo, founder of EcoExistence and senior expert for sustainable development, was mandated for coordinating the r4d programme synthesis.

The Steering Committee of the r4d programme appointed Dr. Carmenza Robledo, founder of EcoExistence and senior expert for climate change and sustainable development, as r4d programme synthesis coordinator. She will support the r4d programme in working towards its main objectives with a special focus on thematic synthesis and synergies emerging from the funded r4d projects.

Dr. Carmenza Robledo has a long-standing experience in science-policy-practice interfaces. More recently she has been involved as lead author in the Fifth Assessment Report of the Interngovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC, WG III, AFOLU), as evaluator of international programmes, as advisor to international organisations as well as policy makers, governments and implementation projects in Asia, Latin America, Africa and Europe, and as trainer and lecturer in capacity building sessions and courses at Master, PhD and post-doc level. She has widely published in scientific journals, books and peer reviewed reports.

She works as independent consultant for her company EcoExistence. At the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich (ETH Zurich) Carmenza Robledo is Associated Senior Scientist at the Climate Policy Group and USYS-TdLab.