Digital Storytellers I: Complete video-clip collection published

Around 50 researchers explored the potential of filmmaking in their r4d projects as Digital Storytellers. With the support of professional editors and producers the full collection of r4d Digital Storytellers video-clips was published during summer 2020. It is publicly accessible on and the r4d programme YouTube channel.

Curious to explore the potential to extract tannin from agroforestry residue in the Philippines? Concerned about the legal ban and its consequences of raw-milk cheese-making in Brazil? Interested in learning more about collaborative research approaches and the involvement of stakeholders right from the beginning of research carried out in Cameroon and Madagascar?

If your answer is yes, then take some time to delve into the collection of 22 video-clips.

Curbing illicit financial flows from developing countries
How can we support farmer in creating a sustainable income?
How can a community increase its food sustainability?
How efficient is agroecology as compared to agro-industry?
Empowering women cheesemakers in Brazil
Can research contribute to community empowerment? Voices from Kenya.
Sustainable forest landscape management and local livelihoods transformation
How do everyday people contribute to large-scale conflict resolution?
How does mental wellbeing connect to physical health in Sub-Saharan Africa?
How could we improve community health around large gold mines? Tanzania
How can community health around large mines be improved? Burkina Faso
A multidisciplinary approach to researching health impacts of large mines
Collaboration in building a sustainable palm-oil production
Agroforestry and soil fertility with Gliricidia Sepium
Agroforestry leftovers as a source of income
Increasing resistance in rice crops
Inclusive growth in Laos' manufacturing industry
Women building an effective waste chain within municipalities?
How can we improve the value chain along waste management?
How can distant stakeholders co-develop a shared vision for sustainable land use?
How can we manage invasive weeds in arable lands?
Responding to invasive trees

Read more about the participatory filmmaking process here: Scientists as storytellers

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