Extended submission dates for r4d communication products

The r4d programme invites r4d projects to make use of visualisations, briefs and storytelling for translating and disseminating research knowledge for a broad, not necessarily academic audience. Three calls are open now.

‚ÄčThe r4d programme encourages researchers to make wide use of outreach products that provide accessible insights into research contexts, approaches and answers. We invite r4d researchers to share photo galleries, three-minute video pitches and policy briefs. Three international jurys will select the best products.

All information can be accessed on our interactive online poster - please click on the picture below.

Next submission dates:

  • Policy Briefs: Extended to 15 September 2019
  • 3-minute pitches: 15 September 2019
  • Photo Galleries: 15 October 2019, extended until November 2019 

r4d product call webposter 

Individual call documents:

Templates for submitting your communication products:

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Call 2019

r4d product call webposter

Call documents

Templates for submitting a product proposal

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