REGISTRATION NOW OPEN! r4d Forum Social Conflicts - "Difference as a resource for peace": Research results and messages emerging from the r4d programme

The r4d Forum 2020 Social Conflicts "Difference as a resource for peace" celebrates the achievements of the r4d projects that were active from 2014 to 2020. We invite representatives from civil society organisations, policy-making, public administration and academia to make use of the spaces we provide for getting informed and discuss research results and messages.

Registration is open until 6 April 2020 with the form below.
Limited places - provided on the basis of "first come - first served".

The r4d Forum 2020 Social Conflicts "Difference as a resource for peace: Research results and messages" provides a platform for exchange on research results and products of the funded projects (2014-2020) and for dialogues with representatives of policy and practice in peace-building and international conflict diplomacy. The r4d Forum 2020 Social Conflicts brings together researchers and delegates of the r4d programme with the SDC Conflict and Human Rights Network, organisations of the Swiss Platform for Peacebuilding (KOFF) and actors such as the Geneva Peace Platform and Pathfinders for Peace, staff of the Swiss Federal Department of Foreign Affairs, diplomatic missions, and Swiss politicians.

The r4d Forum 2020 Social Conflicts is co-organised by the r4d programme and the Swiss Institute for Global Affairs (SIGA). The draft agenda gives an overview of the structure of the two Forum days.

The public sessions will take place in the afternoon and evening of 21 April 2020 (see event flyer). The sessions on 22 April 2020 are on invitation only but are open for interested guests beyond our list of invitees (send a message to 


We invite interested representatives from civil society, policy and practice to exchange, celebrate and reflect with the research projects and the r4d programme.

Please note that you can register for one or several of the public event options.

  • 21.4.2020, 14.00-17.30: First film screening "Inequality and Conflict - Beyond us and them", project exhibition, exchanges and debate, drinks
  • 21.4.2020, 17.30-19.30h/22.00h: Opening evening programme, second film screening, panel and (optional) dinner
  • 21.4.2020: ca. 18.00- ca.19.30h/22.00h: Option for afternoon participants: Philosophical walk (conversations and reflections while walking through the Bernese Quarter Matte) and (optional) dinner (19.30-22.00)


  • 21 April 2020: Cinématte, Wasserwerkgasse 7, Bern
During (parts of) this event, photos may be taken by staff members. We may share photos of the event through our website and on social media, and possibly include them in future publications to showcase our activities. If you object to appearing in such photos, please let a member of the staff at the event know. 


21.04.2020 14:00


22.04.2020 16:00


Cinématte Bern, Wasserwerkgasse 7, Bern, Switzerland

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The r4d Forum 2020 is co-organised with the Swiss Institute for Global Affairs



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