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r4d projects are large, complex in organisation, and multidisciplinary and thus present many significant challenges with respect to data management. This workshop aims to raise awareness about key domains of data management, to provide insights into existing tools and practices and to offer room for exchange.

Towards good scientific practice: Data management for research quality and data sharing

The r4d programme invited project leaders, project coordinators and PhD students to a one-day workshop on data management. It aimed to raise awareness about key domains of data management and to provide insights into existing tools and practices. It also offered a forum for exchange and debate regarding current and planned data management challenges in the context of r4d projects, particularly with respect to principle 7 for transboundary research partnership on sharing data and networks. Moreover, data management is a key requirement in open data policies.

The workshop was facilitated by Alexandra Stam and Brian Kleiner from the Swiss Centre of Expertise in the Social Sciences (FORS). FORS runs an online platform (FORSbase) where researchers can store and share data.

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09.06.2017 09:15


09.06.2017 16:30


Swiss National Science Foundation, Wildhainweg 3, Room 3, Bern, Switzerland

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